Creation of a bookclub

Hello my dear english speaking readers,

I am very excited to annonce that I am creating a bookclub.
It's been a long time that I am thinking about doing this but I was scared that I will not have enough people participating. But you know it is never a good Time to start: I have Watchers some booktubers videos and I said to myself " why not now " ? 

I want to enlarge my knowledge about black litterature and black feminine/ feminism litterature. I think that there are very good books that bookstagram and booktube do not talk about as much as they deserve. With this bookclub, I will  try to bring them to light.
I was really inspired by all the booktube channels I watched but especially by Marina from #youngiftedandblack, and  by the channel #toutestpolitique ( but also by Didi with her #readsoulit and by Hajar from #hajarread etc.).

The bookclub will take place as follow:
- read the same Book
- every two months
- we will successively read a book written by a feminist, a book written by a woman and a book written by a man (all your suggestions are welcome)
- we can share our feelings about the book on our blog, our Instagram and  our booktube channel

The bookclub will really start on Jul the 15th. I will try to choose books written both in english and in french. And I will do my review on my blog in both french and english in order to gather all the people that want to participate. For the review on my youtube Channel, I will put english subtiles.

Hope you will participate.

For the first round, we will read Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay
We will exchange our point of view about this Book from Septembre the 1st. 
I have choosen a book easy to find and even if you have already read it you can still participate.
You can watch my video on my youtube channel with english subtitles.
Please let me know in the comment about your participation.

Talk to you soon


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