Loosing me

My dear readers.
This a "poem" I wrote few weeks ago. Please tell me what you think about it.

I was so focus on you
Thinking about you
Dreaming of you night and day
Making love to you whenever
Thinking of making love to you
Loving you
(Hoping you feel the same)
Cooking for you
Loosing weight for you
Making your friends my own
Feeling my future is yours
With you I was the happiest
Needing nothing else but you

One day you left
The reason: you were tired of my devotion.
You did never complain
Never said my love was too heavy
You enjoyed and then run away
With my happyness in your luggage
Anyway I'm still loving you
I'm still all yours
In the hospital
They said I lost myself in you
Maybe they're right
My parents said they have no choice
They signed the paper
I'm waiting for an artificial heart reconstruction
Just to withdraw every piece of you in my heart.


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